Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas Eve's eve at JB!

Initially, took one day off to JB (Johor Bahru in short, the Southern Capital of West Malaysia) to renew my International Passport for another 5 years - my passport going to end in May next year. However, due to festive and year end season, long vehicle queues at Malaysia JB checkpoint were expected (attributed to 'smart' temporary road design), but didn't expect that the queue numbers for passport renewal application have already been issued out before noon time!!! Just like selling like hot cakes!

Waiseh, coming so far but couldn't get the passport renewed, I can't go back to Singapore empty-handed what! What should I do??? Haha, pampered myself a few hours at City Square (CS) in the middle of busy JB city :)

Went to one of my favourite HK-themed restaurant, Kim Gary for lunch. Situated at basement level of City Square, Kim Gary is a restaurant for all: couples, friend gatherings, families, lunch with colleagues, etc. with great choices of meals, can said as 老少咸宜 in Chinese. That's why as usual, Kim Gary is packed with people but since I'm alone, no problem in getting a seat :)

One thing is I want to suggest is that the management should consolidate the menus & order sheets into a template once in a while, so I won't get fainted even before I make orders, hahaha... See, does it like a stack of tutorial notes with lots of colorful highlights?

After looking through the menus, I decided to order this: Fish Fillet with Sweet Corn Cream Sauce served with Spaghetti, together with a cup of Cream Soup and HK-style Tea.

The Cream Soup. Came in a cute small cup after 10+ minutes of waiting, okay with the taste.

Fish Fillet with Sweet Corn Cream Sauce served with Spaghetti. It tasted a bit bland if just eat spaghetti alone, but it mixed well with the fish fillet, which was fried with egg mixture. Just like in Hong Kong, the portion of the meal was quite big indeed.

The Tea in Hong Kong-style. Best to savour slowly after the main meal. At this point of time, my stomach was getting full and halted my decision to further order their popular toast bread T_T...and also because I've bought Secret Recipe cake earlier, also at the same floor as Kim Gary.

Fish Fillet with Sweet Corn Cream Sauce lunch value meal set RM14.40 (inclusive 10% Service Charge and 5% Government Tax). A value meal deal by Kim Gary :)

Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant 香港金加利茶餐厅

A must-do to eat Secret Recipe when back in Malaysia, because of the more expensive price back in Singapore. Wanted to eat before Kim Gary's meal was served, but being told that "no outside food is allowed inside the restaurant", but when I finished my meal, my stomach too full d...aikss...

So actually what I ordered from Secret Recipe? Instead of Chocolate Banana, Cappuccino Cheese, Chocolate Chip Walnut and Chocolate Indulgence that I used to order often, this time I tried something different. Not bad actually and I enjoyed it after browsing through books and stationaries at Popular Bookstore at upper floors of City Square.

Apple Crumble Cheesecake by Secret Recipe! RM6.60 takeaway with 5% GST. Satisfied with the food that I have this afternoon :) but then, spent an hour queuing at Singapore Woodland custom for immigration clearance on the way back to Singapore, sweat...

Secret Recipe 
Fine Quality Cakes -- A Malaysian household name since 1997

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