Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Gift for Great Double Festive Season!

This coming Sunday – 14th February 2010 is Valentine’s Day + 1st Day of Lunar New Year!!! I think this could be once in a lifetime opportunity to witness both grand occasions to be on the same day. Very memorable indeed, so I think you should be looking around for a meaningful gift for your partner (to celebrate in pairs for N years, 双双对对) as well as for your family reunion celebration (团团圆圆).

“Err…what kind of gifts I should buy? *crack head*”

Bouquet of flowers? – will not last long, after a few days sure throw away into dustbin.
Abalone or bird nest set? – after eat, goes into stomach, no more.
House décors? – not very useful, put it aside, after one year spidermen will conquer it.
Diamond ring? – emm, need to save money first, wait until engagement buy a big big one.

Then, what to buy???

No worries, I have an idea which can solve your troubles.

Introducing…Bio-M Ring!

Specially made by Japanese copper, this ring is capable to smoothen body’s cold, wetness and tension effectively. It can be wear for long term and through frictional effect, heat will be generated, releasing copper element by dissolving into body sweats and penetrates into body cells.

This helps to replenish copper element in our body, which is involved in the formation of blood cells, adsorption and utilization of iron, stimulates the body immune system to fight infections, repair injured tissues, and promote healing (Source: copperinfo.com).

You have a positive, negative, and neutral charge always coexisting within your human identity.  Sometimes you have too much of one and your body needs to flush it out.  Sometimes you have too little and your body needs a 'charge'. So, magnetic field circulation of Bio-M Ring can help to balance the charges in your body, enhance blood circulation, more energetic and able to sleep well.

Healthy, durable, everlasting, simple but elegant, this is a perfect gift for your partner as Valentine’s gift, as well as for your family members to maintain good health, enjoying a healthy, prosperous Lunar New Year!

Interested and would like to query more? You can contact me via my email wengfei@hotmail.com, latest by noon, 11th February 2010. For Singapore only, and free delivery (to the nearest MRT Station) can be done islandwide!

Limited Stock available (20 sets), so first-book-first-served!

Happy Chinese New Year cum Valentine’s Day 2010!!!