Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It’s my birthday today (7th December), not much different, just as normal working day. However, I feel very touched when a lot of friends, whether meet up often or long long time didn’t meet up, wishes me Happy Birthday through Facebook, SMS, MSN, etc. Enjoyed a nice vegetarian dinner with friends after work from NTU, as well as another celebration with another gang of friends during supper time. Thanks for your wishes. Appreciate our friendships and your sincerity, I list out all the names as a way to say thank you.

Thank you to my family and relatives for my support throughout my life.

Thank you to my friends:

Jing Ti, Min Liang, Chris, Jia Xin, Sai Leong, Alson, Billy, Boonming, Boonpin, Jungle See Chee Seong, EiLene, Hin Fei, Ying Sin, Sin Ling, Wai Hon, Lai Fai, Xin Fern, Boon Cheng, Samantha, Kar Wui, Kok Xian aka Legend, Sebastian Tham Wai Hoe, Yu Rong, Rui Yang, Low Kien Ooi, Teik Bing, Yi Cheng, Ying Yan, Siew Loong, Soon Leong, Choy Sing Ming, Huai Bao, Kee Jin, Ching Hwa, Wend Li, Kok Kin, Tony Hua, Soo Hou Mun, Yong Hua aka Wy Nat, Stephen Hua, Patrick Kua, Lin Bo, Datuk CheeWee, Wang JK, Chong Yen, Perng Yuan, Wenty, Jeffery Wong, See Youu, Erica Oh, Yee Chin Toh, Jing Jie, Kaito Liew, Yan Fang, Wern Chiet, Siew Ping, Kah Wai, Nasirah, De Zien, Sally, Grace Ngan, Soon Sheng, Jackson, Kwan Hui, Suet Leng, Wei An, Hamin aka Min Jian, Loh Wai Hoong, Siew Hong, You Liong, Wen Kiat, Boon Inn, Grace Cheng, Christy YM, Yuen Jee aka Ray Leong, Ngo Pengty, Connie Thai, Chen JiaWei, Chong Sin Yee, Di Ming, Anna Liong, Song Jau, Leon Tan, Jasmine, Michael Wong, Bronson, Wen Hui, Mabel, Kia Poh, Evonne, Sam, Fui Ping, Wei Ting, Terry Mun, Shao Wen, Min Chunn, Shu Xuan, Choong Young...hope I didn't miss out anyone :)

Greetings from friends using GroupCard.

As you can see, this is the power of Facebook + SMS + MSN + Face to Face + Dinner + Lunch + Supper + etc... ... I think this is the first time I received so many birthday greetings from friends and families. Really touched and wanna hug you guys, haha :D

Somemore, I got birthday wishes from corporate world as well!
NTU Alumni Affairs Office ('coz I'm NTU Alumni)
SingaporeClassifiedOnline.com ('coz I posted some ads for sales last time)
Jobsdb.com ('coz I used their career service to find jobs)
GroupCard ('coz I also got send birthday ecards to others as well!)
"Corporate world"...talk myself until so big, so high position, lol...

Life is full of challenges, but with determination and working together, impossible is nothing! Wish you guys all the best in your studies, careers, relationships, health, and many more!

Once again,
Thank You! 多谢晒!Terima Kasih! Merci Beaucoup! 谢谢! Arigatou!


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yo!!! thanks for ur comment!! glad u like the photos...cuz they're HDR of night shots...so some ppl dun like cuz too fake they say...walao ur blog 90% chinese =.=

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U forget to put my name leh...
Many old friend name u also don put. After go to Singapore then forget all the friend in Ipoh d...