Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pre-Exam Home Cook Dinner (Part 2)

In Last part of Pre-Exam dinner, Chef CJ bought back a lot of ingredients from NTUC Xtra Jurong Point, ready to cook for a pre-exam dinner right in the pantry of my hostel. Cooking, for me, is considered one of the seldom things that I will do in NTU, as there are a lot of canteens and food outlets in NTU: just within my hall of residence area, it has already 3 canteens. 10 minutes walk to the academic block (North Spine) will have another main canteen in NTU and fast food outlets. Plus, heavy load of homework and assignments could make everyone in NTU to be very busy from time to time. Plus, we are going to graduate soon coming this July. That's why I appreciate to have home cook dinner in NTU, feel home away from home.

After hours of preparation, wonder what Chef CJ has prepared for the dinner?

The main actor of the night...
Yam fried rice with pork meat and sun-dried shelled shrimp!

Somehow, when CJ asked me: "You know what is yam rice?" I was like "huh? huh? I know margarine / chicken oil rice, nasi santan, nasi briyani, nasi lemak...but yam rice was like...haven't try before."

Now I know what's yam rice! A nice dish, best to eat it warm, especially on that day itself was a rainy day. Weather is cool and cloudy all the day.

Next, the actress of the night...

See, she dressed up with colourful swimsuit and enjoyed herself in the pool...

The well-known ABC soup, can say the easiest kind of soup to be prepared with. Consists of tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn and meats. Ingredients can be prepared as shown in the photo above, or tomatoes can be cut into portions, onions prepared in slices, and add in some black pepper and salt to fulfill your tounge satisfaction.

Some k-leh-fare with great talents:

Fried egg with onion (Yes, we bought a lot of onions!)

Frankly speaking, I still haven't picked up any cooking skills (except Maggi mee and cook plain rice, -_-) after spending four years in NTU. Canteens are too near to my room and yup, I'm lazy. Recently, I attended a report review on Harrisson Asssessment, a test to find out among 600 jobs listed in the report, which kind of jobs suit you the most. And guess what, I got relatively high score to become a baker! Perhaps I got some hidden talent which I haven't discovered, hahaha...

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