Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Ice-Cream for YOU!!!

Less than an hour since I came out from the exam hall on EE4647 Microelectronic Devices, still have a bit headache. This is due to the accumulation of exam stress during exam hall + not enough sleep the night before (really not enough, woke up since 2am...) + expected different style of questions compared to previous semesters, but doesn't meant that the questions would be easier.

I took a nap at library for an hour before the exam and told myself to try my best for this paper, as I know that the paper might not be an easy one, at least for me. Somehow, I experienced very stress situation during the last half an hour during the exam, how should I descibe...hemm, yup it's kind of having a nightmare where someone is pressing or chasing against you, where you seems like fatigue and breathless. Afraid of getting mad and mental disordered after the paper, but somehow managed to calm down myself before times up. Think I'll going to get myself a McD ice-cream to destress myself after finish this post...before getting started to finish all tutorials and cover all the notes by tonight for Wednesday's another core paper...Waiseh, a lot stuffs to study!

Wait! While you talking so much about the recent exam paper, you somehow mentioned McD ice cream right?

Free Ice Cream from McD?

No no NO!

Better deal than that...

It's Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day! Tomorrow is the DAY!

1 DAY to GO! If you like Ice-Cream, especially Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, don't miss it!

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, originated from US, are all natural ice cream made from Vermont milk and cream. Some of the flavors available are: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cheesecake Brownie, Chocolate Macademia (ya, I lurve Chocolate), etc. You can find them enjoy freezing around in supermarkets, normally in in tubs and mini tubs.

Want to distress and take a break from work or study or exam preparation? Go to the nearest participating Ben & Jerry outlets tomorrow!

Mark down your date and time: 21st April 2009, 12pm - 7pm.

WARNING: Go there early, or else you will find yourself in the middle of long queues!

Think of going to Jurong Bird Park's outlet, nearer to NTU, shorter transportation time, more time for exam preparation, lol...This could be my second time have B&J ice fundings for a student to buy ice-cream, wuohahaha...

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream

Participating Outlets:
~United Square~The Cathay~Singapore Zoo~Jurong Bird Park~
~Great World City~Raffles City~Vivo City~

Updates (11.53am 21st Apr 09) Decided not to go, as I couldn't finish my study stuffs for Wed exam paper. Need to trade off sometimes for something more important. Do my best in my 2nd last paper of my university life! 

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