Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Rojak Update

Since I started my job in early August, my life became busier, and pardon me for not updating my blog, my HK trip for a long long time. Hak...hak.......chiu, dust is stacking inches by inches on my blog page, so need to do some clean up first, so not much photos a...

So, how's my a normal working day looks like?

7.20-7.25am Wake up after N times of snoozing my handphone alarm alert.
7.25-7.35am Wash up, put my working clothes (sounds so formal, actually my dressing is just polo-T with long pants, haha)...
7.35am Leave house & try to reach Chinese Garden MRT by 7.45am...emm, which means walking for 10 mins.
7.45-7.50am Get onboard on MRT towards Yio Chu Kang.Most of the time, I'll sleep all the way to YCK.

~8.30am See, although Singapore is a small island, time taking for MRT to run from West to North Singapore can be quite long. Reach Yio Chu Kang station, go to the bus stop & wait for company shuttle bus to come at 8.35am. The bus service comes at every 10 minutes. Without this service, I'll need to walk for 15 minutes + several litres of sweat will be vaporized into the air.

9am Start work!
12-1pm Makan! Lunch time! Either take away at company's cafeteria or food centre opposite my company.
6pm Finish work! But most of the time, I'll follow up my job & leave company around 7-8pm. Again, sleep in the train on the journey back to the West.

Between 9-10pm Reach at home, rest & bath.
10.30pm & beyond Rest, then do surveys on product packaging information. I've been helping a Master student in NTU on product packaging infos, eg: nutrition information, 3rd party seals, etc. Have been doing this since July as that time I haven't found a job, this assignment offers me some allowances.
12.00-1.00am ZzZzZzzz...

How about weekends? Besides rushing the product info assignment, I frequent go back to NTU to find friends & stay overnight in the hostel...or should I say short weekend vacation at NTU? Haha.

Next time I'll post more on my job...or perhaps you can take a look via this link. My company is hiring people now, interested? An interesting and very exciting job I should say, where you can talk with different people with different personalities. Sounds cool huh? :)
31st of August is Hari Kebangsaan or National Day of Malaysia! Every year Malaysians in NTU celebrate the independence of Malaysia together via an event called Merdaka Night, a fun-filled function where friends gather around and enjoy the performances or shows done by the organizing committees or among ourselves.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

This year, let's see how a millionaire show links together with Merdeka celebration :)

Anticipating the stage performance, as I am participating in this sketch too! professional keh-leh-feh. Wohoho...

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