Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Set for a New Life Journey

Arr, it has been around 2 weeks since the last post, because have been busy recently on part time jobs and interviews as well as...a bit lazy.

Time flies, it's the period where graduating students are waiting for: Convocation! This marks the end of study life for most of the students (some may choose to study for postgraduate courses) and the beginning life of working life. Some would think that "Ah, no more exams!!!", but do aware that more challanges are waiting for you in future o: careers, family, etc. For me, I will miss my school life a lot: busy with ECAs and projects, soak myself in the sea of TVB series, etc.

Friendships forever...taken during NTUMSA Senior Appreciation Gathering 2009.

Went around for meals and outings...

New Year eve 2008 at Mount Faber.

"2515": NTU Buddhist Society 25th Anniversary and its Alumni's 15th Anniversary at NTU One-North.

Overseas exchange at Wuhan, China. Taken at Wudang Mount.
*Wudang martial arts, hiakkk, Chinese kung fu!*

My main committees and members of Heritage Club. Really thanks a lot of blood and sweat of you guys throughout the journey as a part of Heritage Club!

Lala Su's creation before he mastered DSLR and Photoshop. Outing at Bugis steamboat.

After our Technical Communication presentation on LED, Year 2 EEE. We even went to Philips and NTU professors to enquire more about LED technology! Cheers!

Dunno bila punya supper at Ah Fang, 911 extension outside NTU.

Merdeka Night 2005 among Malaysians! We wore school uniforms, back to the younger days!

Will be having my convocation next Tuesday 9am, celebrating together with my parents and friends! Thanks for your support throughout my education journey!


On the other hand, after months of searching, I have finally found my job! Guess what, it's Apple!

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away!" Work as an eater to eat apples everyday?

No la, it's Steve Job's Apple!

This is a 2-month contract job as Online Store Customer Service Representative, helping customers on pre- or post-sales through phone calls. Sounds easy, but could be challenging as different customers could have different demands and requests. Hope to perform well in this job and if given opportunity, hope can seek for long term employment with Apple! :) Also happy to know that some of my friends also got this offer! And more and more are getting jobs! Congratulations! *hand claps*

And by the way, I will continue my story-tellings (or long-winded stories?) on my Hong Kong trip, got Ocean Park, the Peak, Stanley, etc, soon. Sorry for keep you guys waiting! Here are some sneak previews on my coming posts!

Continue to explore the city area of Hong Kong island...

Ocean Park, summer fiesta there...

Solo backpack to the Giant Buddha / Po Lin Monastery at Mui Wo...

What's so nice about this building?

K, gonna sleep, as my parents will be reaching Singapore in a couple of hours later.

Take care!


kanki said...

haha congrats for the job and dun simply give other ppl a nick!!

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

haha, thanks!
You lau jor a? lol...