Monday, March 23, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

When you see this post, you could be as well just saw the banner above on Earth Hour 2009. So, what's all about Earth Hour?

An hour of darkness, so dark that you have nothing to do and just counting the stars in the sky?

or switch off the light source just because someone told you to do so, but not sure about the reasons behind?!!??

or would it make you to be more aware about the phenomenon of global warming - the "silent killer", which is gradually changing the climate of the Earth?

Hot...becomes hotter...

Cold...also becomes hot...

Some history (yeah it's boring, but good to know!)... Back in 2007, the event began in Sydney where 2.2 million homes and business premises switched off the light sources for an hour. In 2008, more people joined the global movement in making their stand in voted against global warming. Landmarks such as Sydney's Opera House, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, NY Time Square all stood in darkness.

Sydney's Harbour Bridge during Earth Hour

Even Google also switches its light too!

This year, 2009, the event is gearing up to a greater participation rate from all folks of life - this time in billions, from 2,140 cities, towns and municipalities in 82 countries worldwide to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009.

By just switching off the light for an hour, how much energy will be saved? How much heat can be reduced?
Let the digits tell the story:
In past Earth Hours,
Within the time frame of 3600 seconds, Christchurch, New Zealand achieved the best result a 13% drop of electricity demand; Toronto save 900,000,000 W-hours of electricity; Bangkok decreased the usage by 73,340,000 W or 41.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide; Dubai's external lighting was dimmed for around 50%, saving 100,000,000W-hours of electricity, or 2.4% decrease in electricity demand......

Even merlion also support Earth Hour!

So, how to VOTE against global warming phenomenon?

Switch off the light for an hour on this coming Saturday, 8.30-9.30pm.

Can't switch off because need to do something urgent? Then try to minimize the power consumption!

Nothing to do without light?

You can:
Have a romantic candle dinner at the balcony with your loved one, or

Movie screening under moonlight with friends, or

Go and sleep early, or...??? You figure out...

Action against global climate change does not end here. As an individual, simple actions in daily life such as use natural light as much as possible, turn off the electrical appliances when not in use, make full use of public transportations if possible (means drive less car!), reduce the use of non-biodegradable items, etc., could make changes for a better future!

Quoted from Earth Hour official website:
"We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations."

So, who are you voting for?

An ever-and-ever-say-"oh, i'm sick...need paracetamol ahhh"-Earth
Always-with-"toothpaste commercial-like"-big-:D and healthy Earth?

You decide.

Begin from Earth Hour this weekend. Or from NOW.

Earth Hour 2009
A WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature initiative

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