Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I want good lunch!!!

One day in the freaking late morning...11.59am, 2 guys just wake up from their sweet dream in one of the hostels in NTU.

Ah +++: Wei, wake up wake up. Eh, now recess week wo. Want to go outside to makan a good lunch at the best bargain, yet it is near to NTU? 
Ah &(*:   How about Jurong Point?
Ah +++: Apa? JP again? *&%&$()... Aiyo, I bo lui liao //=$$=\\...
Ah &(*: Arrr, nie-mind, now JP got special offer wo, u see see...

Ah +++: K la, go la go la...Hungry now...

(Haha, JP did not not pay me a single cent to do any promotion regarding to its event, just somehow would like to share some good deals to everyone! Cheers!)

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