Friday, November 14, 2008

A lot a lot a lot...

Two exam days gone, and I have finished 3 papers. Feeling? So far okay la, should be able to pass all the subjects...2 more to go in next 2 weeks. To those who are in the midst of preparing exam, make sure do your preparation well, do all the past years, look through all the tutorials, because somehow the questions will be coming out from these sources hor, just like my HRM essay Q, 1st Q from past year, 2nd Q from tutorial. But too much thing to write, can't finish both. One of the Q in CS's CEE core paper today was related similarly to 1 of the most difficult past year Q... Add oil la!

So, what shall I blog? Talk about stories in last few days ba...

Friday 7/11/08

Last Friday evening, guess what I saw? I saw not only 1 or 2 pieces of plastic bags, but the whole wall is pasted with plastic bags. When I passed through the store room beside Canteen A's McD on that evening, I imagined what was happened in Canteen A? An art gallery is to established there? Plastic bags selling? Don't believe har, see the photo first...

Upon further curiosity, my study gang went to have a look after again library closed. Here's the reason...

Actually it was a self-initiation by a SADM (for those who don't know, it isn't Saddam, but the short form of NTU's School of Art, Design and Media) student named Pohline who would like to raise awareness of excessive use of plastic bags by fast food outlets in NTU. Why excessively used? Just think when you order McD, you will be usually given a plastic bag consisting the meals you have ordered, even it's just a McChicken, right?

Pohline mentioned that she asked before on the reasoning in using plastic bags, even it's dine-in, and the reply was "'coz we don't have enough trays." If there are hundreds of food orders in a day, or even reach to 1,000 per day (exam period, McD's business very good all the way from 7am to 1am), just imagine number of plastic bags used. Plastic bags, which hung high against the wall, were actually collected from Canteen A alone. Terrifying right? Salute to Pohline who actually spent two sleepless nights to actualized the project.

A bad example by two seems-to-be-innocent guys.

But it is not the most irritating issue that I found throughout my study life in NTU. During primary or secondary school, there are someone called perfects (pengawas, remember?) who will be everywhere to observe and direct students to return used eating utensils into a pail or large container - easier for canteen aunties to collect as well as maintain hygeiness of the canteen surrondings.

Assuming that university students are all adults, so it is expected that students will know to judge what is right, what is wrong; what should be done and what shouldn't be done. I just could not understand why N*U students (too embarassed to type in full) -- all already 大个仔, 大个女, don't even know how to throw the leftovers (wrappers, papers, plastic bags) into the DUSTBIN!!! There are not only one, but quite a number of garbage bins around the area. Just...just...just don't understand why students just leave the leftover on the table like that, and go off. Just can't understand.

Just imagine when a VIP comes to NTU, NTU representatives brings him around NTU and when comes to Canteen A...

VIP: Wau, your canteen condition seems very grand!
NTU: Oh, yes, this is one of our latest development for the benefits of NTU students to enjoy variety of food choices, and...
VIP: Oh, no no. I meant the tables. I see Subway wrapper, McSpicy paper box, this...this Old Chang Kee thing, all around tables without anyone else nearby. Is this a new type of direct marketing stretegy among fastfood in NTU to lure more customers to their store?
NTU: ......


Saturday 8/11/08

Went for temple praying at Bugis Guan Yin temple in early morning, wishing everyone to excel and maintain good health all the time. Bought my so-called lunch at Bugis Junction - half-dozen of JCo Donuts at S$7.00 + free 1 sugar donut.
Why-nut, Hazel dazzle, Don mochino, Cheese me up, Tiramisu, Alcapone

Shared my lunch with CS. Personally like Hazel, Why-nut and Alcapone.

J.Co Donuts & Coffee (originated from Indonesia)
Available at Bugis Junction & Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore; Pavillion Bukit Bintang & Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia;
Wednesday 13/11/08

Even before the start of the final test, I have been constantly thinking about how to relax myself after my third paper. So, today, after finished my third paper on HRM, I was thinking about to savour Marche at Vivo City (that medium-sized TS favorite eating place in Singapore, I suppose). For me, it has been a long time not going out gai gai and makan already - eat books, notes and vomit reports everyday before that. So, today is good time for me to release stress before mugging for next paper. CJ mentioned that having dinner at Marche would be a bit expensive and suggested simple Japanese dinner at Jurong Point. Emm good idea though, but what a coincident that CJ's high school friend Ruben is around in Singapore for eye checkup today! As he is around city area, eating at JP would not be feasible (he needs to board the bus by 7pm back to KL), so in the end we went to Harbour Front Vivo City.

Due to lack of time, we finally decided dinner at Carl Jr. - my first time.

I ordered Carl's Catch Fish Sandwich, which is big and nice! One set at S$7.80.

CJ ordered Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken while Ruben ordered errr...forgotten to ask.

After Ruben's departure to Novena Square, walked around Vivo City with CJ. One of my favorites shopping destinations is the electrical mall like Best Denki. Why? Inside there have a number of PS3 and XBox consoles with gamepads for us to try, or look how other people play the games. I was mesmerized with the game graphics of PS3 and Xbox 360, and I was wonder why Gran Turismo 5 is only available for PS3, but not PC. Very nice graphic with very nice cars! Besides that, Best Denki has also a dedicated corner for Apple products, VAIO and DSLR cameras, where in total spending almost an hour in that electrical shop alone. We then arrived at Challanger, another computer electrical store and played Fifa Street 3 and other demo games via XBox 360. Another half an hour spent. Too busy already, forgot to take photos.
Managed to buy myself a pair of shorts from Baleno and lepakking all around Vivo City for 3 hours.

I want PS3 with GT5!!!

The NEW Red Alert 3 is out!

Very very nice graphic. Check the clearer version here.

& The NEW Need For Speed: Undercover is out soon!
with Evo X, Skyline GTR, 911, 370Z, etc. as normal and police supercars!

Check on its website.

Jurong Point new wing is going to open soon in coming December 2008! Soon, we will have Singapore's first 24-hours hypermarket (NTUC Fairprice Xtra), Haagen Daz, Starbucks, Bakerzin, New York New York, Ding Tai Fung, Tung Lok's Zhou, Dian Xiao Er, Blum, Adidas, etc. at the West side of Singapore! Good for NTU students hor!

"就是因为XXX, NTU就这样跌到第77名咯..."- 出自 "BP & CS 对话集: 乱乱"赖"NTU"

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