Saturday, May 10, 2008

For the very first time...

For the very first time, I start my own blog. Have this decision in my mind long long time ago, especially when saw friends around me having their own blogs, talking about their life, info sharing, food, travel, etc... but due to laziness, sigh...till now baru start up. but, 迟到好过没到吗(coming late better than absence),right?

Hemm, what I am going to say in my bu-log-ger neh??? Besides sharing things happen around me, as I like to eat, like to travel (sad no $$$), like to take photos, sure I will share all this with you la, right?

Eh, what am i talking now? Typing so much non-sense for what? Fast fast start blogging la!



Water GUn said...

Dai Fei not best la,
open a new blog also don not want to public to Ipoh old friends.
Nobody know and nobody care.
Even we know dai fei many years also don want to tell us.
After going to University, Dai Fei have change a lot.
If you not believe, U can ask the people around you!!!

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

changed a lot?
changed to be better a?
anyway, thx for ur comment la, if i did any wrong, do correct me oh, not becoming worst, but becoming better. haha.
actually, not many people know about my blog, i just post the link on the msn...that's all.
will back during june, then go out makan makan, see movie, sports, etc...will spend more time and take photos with you guys then. then upload on the blog, hoho.
Take care and see ya, water gun, onion, fei lou, ng n wolut :)