Saturday, May 10, 2008

Makan Sutra Pt. 1

Sharing with some of the good food in the small island of Singapore. Last week, together with Siew Hong and other international students, participated in this Makan Sutra trip around Singapore, organized by Prime Minister's Office. From what the tourist guide said, the food places that we are going to visit are highly recommended by Makan Sutra's Seetoh ( A popular food-aholics figure who travel around Malaysia and Singapore to find out the best food available. Website:, so every participant is very excited with this highly-anticipated event la! Depart from Car Park F of NTU around 10am, we are going to search for good breakfast! During the bus ride, we are being informed the origins of Teh Tarik, Roti John...which I not really interested. What I want is food!!!

Here we come, come to Ayer Rajah Food Centre near West Coast (if not wrong la). It's time to fill in my >10 hours of empty stomach!...But before that, sure need some introduction la, as most of the participants are not locals, they are not fully familiar with the food culture in Singapore. Well we are being brought to Mohamad Ali Drinks Stall...main dengan Teh Tarik leh!

Haha, these 2 guys, 1 from Indonesia, 1 from Nigeria, enjoyed 'pulling' the teh!

Breakfast time! What are we going to eat?
Clear my throat first with the smooth hot teh tarik, where I joked with the Iran participants that this is the low-cost version of Starbucks! Coming up with Indian-style tomato chili fried rice (not spicy though) and roti John, which is delicious that if i have free time after my Industrial Attachment, I will coming back here to eat again. Photos tells the truth...

Oh, 3am now. Gonna sleep. Update more food hunts in coming days!

Ayer Rajah Food Centre
Block 503
West Coast Drive
Singapore 120503
How to go: MRT to Clementi, take SBS bus 78 or 285, Alight at West Coast Road Blk 513 and walk to West Coast Drive, which is nearby. Map:


Cheeseong said...

Dai Fei,got nothing much to comments the "RED RICE "really looks geli,If for me , i sure wont order that nasi because i see the colour nia scare lioa ..The roti john seems 好真 and crispy,isnt`t it ?Anyway,if next time got go back there dont forget to ask me along la...lepak lepak also siok ma ..haha

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

Sure, this coming weekend plan to go there again. Wanna join?

Anonymous said...

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