Monday, October 12, 2009

Is this called Brainless? or Creative?

Perhaps the stress level of that tertiary education institution is very great to the extent that producing some unbelievable and creative act of accident...

"惊 meh wo???"
"俾人 horn wo...hahaha"
"New style la! weh New Style"
"Kereta dah penuh, tak boleh harap"..."masuk bonet, masuk bonet...wohaha"
"Sayorana oh...(already sung out at the beginning of the video)"

In the end, hurt those innocent ones. 何必neh?
Memang mau sayorana-oh...

Don't fool around with your life when you are too stress.


Kennee said...

Btw, nanged ya post on innit and already clicked ya ads here... ^^

metalpanda said...

u have to c this video response also~!! HAHAH, btw, that 1 call uneducated.

kanki said...

err... really got into accident.