Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Episode 3: Sheung Wan & Central

Previous episode on my HK trip: Arrival at HKIA, hostel check-in, lunch at Sheung Wan.

After lunch, we proceeded our journey touring around Sheung Wan and Central, the central business districts of Hong Kong.

The 'antique' postbox outside Western Market.

The huge, eye-catching LV boutique in Central.

Hong Kong street view...arhhh I miss it a lot!

Then, we started to climb up staircases, trying to find out the location of Central to Mid-level Escalators 中环至半山自动扶梯. It is the LONGEST covered outdoor escalator system in the world, which connects Des Voeux Road C at the lower ground to the Conduit Road at Mid-Levels area.

We found this...the former Central District Police Station.

And soon, we found the escalator as well. Along the escalators, we saw plenty of bars and pubs, schools, restaurants, shops, etc. At upper levels, more and more private residential blocks are located. Thus, this escalator system serves a very important role in transporting local residents (and tourists) up and down the slopes in a shorter time, as driving could take up much longer time, worst if stuck in traffic jams.

Private residential blocks at Mid-Levels.

Have a glimpse of Hong Kong city view in between the residential blocks.

After that, we went down back to the Central.

A church somewhere in between residential blocks.


and we reached Lan Kwai Fong 兰桂坊! This place is famous for pubs and bars. If you lucky, perhaps you will meet local celebrities! But we didn't meet any, because we went there too early.

My favourite juice drink in my Hong Kong trip: Minute Maid Orange Juice 果粒橙. Bought at 7-11 at HKD 6.90.

Walking into another famous street in Central district: Wellington Street 威灵顿街. Some of the recommended town delicacies are located here.

Kee Wah Bakery 奇华饼家 is one of local famous bakery franchise. Those who watch Heart of Greed 2: Moonlight Resonance (溏心风暴2:家好月园) will be familiar with this bakery shop as it was the major sponsor for this popular HK series.

Yung Kee Restaurant 镛记烧鹅. This restaurant has been higher recommended in various platforms of mass medias on its Barbequed Goose *saliva dropping*! We wanted to try, but we lost appetite after climbing ups and downs for several hours. Didn't try during this tour, so must try it in my next HK trip to see whether it is damn good or not. But prepare to spend more HKD in this restaurant hor, as it could be a little expensive...

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠华餐厅. Operates in franchise style around Hong Kong, this restaurant famous on its curry rice and fishball noodle. Have the motto "魚蛋稱霸、咖喱稱王" which means "Champion in Fishball, King of Curry"...but unfortunately, I didn't try.

Lin Heung Tea House 莲香楼. This is one of the famous local restaurant in Central, serving Cantonese dim-sums. Dim sum is one of my top priorities in this trip, hence we visited this shop on our third day visit for breakfast :).

Along the street...

Is it like...crime scene in movie / drama series?
"Police line - Do Not Cross"

Oh, what a blissful dog in the luxury car...

We walked further to Hollywood Road 荷李活道 to visit Man Mo Temple 文武庙.

After walking continuously around Sheung Wan and Central for several hours, we were getting exhausted and would like to have a short break. So, we decided to return back to our hostel and take a rest before 8pm arrives. Again, MTR back to Tsim Sha Tsui. HKD 7.70.

Next episode: What happened at 8pm? Where we went for dinner?

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