Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hall 8 Tiger continues: Tom's Palette!

Here's the third reason on why Hall 8 Tigers would like to have dinner at Shaw Tower...

It's Tom's Palette!

They said the chocolate stout is one of their favourites and not only that, the ice-cream are really nice and creative! How creative? Later you'll know.

That's why everyone of us reserved some part of the stomach to slot in delicious i-se-ke-rim...

It's just located opposite of Ah Loy Thai so directly after finished second round of meals, we 迫不及待 (unable to hold to approach Tom's Pallete store to see what the shop offers which have been continuously attracted patrons to stop by and purchase from them. It's actually a small shop, but with a great variety of home-made ice creams.

We were given various favorites to try first before making a decision...

Here's the price. We chose to have a tub (in the end, 9 of us ordered 2 tubs) which can have 3 different flavors of our choice.

Besides Chocolate Stout, there have Soursop, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee (very concentrated and bitter a bit), Rum & Raisin, etc. But these are what caught our attentions...

What??? Water Crest and Luo Han Guo? Longan Red Dates? Best cure to 'heatiness' after finish Thai dinner! lol... Can see how creative they are in bringing in Chinese traditional herbs into ice cream! Perfect East and West match!

Finally, I, Christine & Yee Kiat aka vivalive chose Chocolate Stout, Cheewee (or Longan Red Dates? aiyaya, forgotten liao) and Soursop.

Can you see how big is the portion of a tub?

Even my phone also wanted to taste some! Smart hor?

Very very satisfying. Yummy!

Lagi syiok if you are a NTU student! 10% discount for you!!!
Tom's Palette
Shaw Tower,
Level 01, #01-25,
just opposite Ah Loy Thai
Contact: +65-6296 5239

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ice cream!!
wow nice.. =)

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

nice...especially very hot weather like now...