Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Food @ NTU: Summer Frost






Black Sesame with Chocolate Sauce

Champagne Grape with Mango topping

There is a dessert stall in NTU Canteen 2 called Summer Frost which offers shaved ice dessert like ice kacang. Instead a mountain of bland ice like in ice kacang, the shaved ice (or frost) comes with several flavours: black sesame, champagne grape, green tea, etc., covered with fruit topping or nuts like mango or kiwi, chocolate cream. You can even further top up with Oreo cookies, marshmallow, raisins, etc.! What a cool dessert to cool down myself in a terribly hot afternoon in campus! Price starts at S$1.50 per bowl. 

Just googled about this and found that Summer Frost has a shop in Katong! Not sure whether the price is the same as in NTU…too far for me to go there. 

Summer Frost

NTU Canteen 2 • Katong (Near Roxy Square)


BooNMiNG said...

especially when the weather is so hot nowadays!!

oh yea.. how's your job hunt now?

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

wohoo...yeah very very hot, chi sin jor. Job search still no news yet, today sent out some job applications again. :)

kenwooi.com said...

desserts looking yummy! =)