Saturday, May 9, 2009

TriAdamy Gathering @ Pepper 'Dinner' Suntec City

Yesterday went for a gathering dinner with Triadamy gang at Pepper Lunch, Suntec City. Triadamy is actually a group name used during Malaysians' freshmen orientation camp 3 years back in my university, and it is glad that the our friendships are still intact. 

Met King Fei & Lit Ting, where I seldom met them since they graduated July last year, and Rui Yin, Boon Pin, kanki su aka Kwan Hui, Siew Hong, Ariel and chiko rita aka Teng Seng. Ariel is going to Osaka, Japan today for her working attachment there. Take care and enjoy your internship there...have fun!!!

Pepper Lunch is a DIY fast food steakhouse with more than 200 outlets in Japan. Outside Japan, it has branches all around Asia (Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philiphines, Taiwan and Indonesia). Set meals are mostly served on a sizzling iron plate, coming in a set with a cup of drink, soup and dessert. 

Currently Pepper Lunch Singapore is giving out vouchers on their set meals, promoting their Unagi and other kinds of set meals. I got it from a meal attendant outside the outlet while I was looking for my Triadamy gang. The price of the set meals ranges from S$9.90 to S$15.90, consists of the szeeeeezling hot plate of the meal you want, miso soup, drink and choice of minisalad or ice cream. Not sure whether they impose service tax or not, as I'm not the one who pay, lol...

The Unagi & Salmon Hot Plate that I ordered, comes with a bowl of plain rice. The meat is juicy and the use of hot plate ensures the meat to keep warm for a long time...even after 20 minutes I still felt the heat from the plate! 
My friend's Pepper Rice Set

Photo-taking here and there...

Last but not least, the dessert. I highly recommend the 'Goma' black seseme ice cream, where I did not realise black seseme can match well with normal vanilla ice-cream! 3 types of ice-creams are available for the set meals: 'Kuromitsu' Caramel, 'Goma' Black Seseme  and 'Matcha' Green Tea.

Pepper Lunch (7 outlets islandwide) &
Pepper Lunch Express (10 outlets islandwide)


kanki said...

won't u write more about sentimental stuffs instead of selling Pepperlunch... ha ha!
i tot can see more about ur emotion!

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

sentimental ones, I'll write about it when coming to my convocation...I will have a lot of things to tell...