Friday, May 29, 2009

Job Hunts around...did I found any?

Something unfortunate happened yesterday.

In microscopic view, I lost all my photos. So, my posts in future could be more words than photos. 

In a bigger view, I lost my FYP stuffs, my four years of academic stuffs (softcopy), all sort of songs, installation files, career-related files, etc.

In a bigger than bigger view, I lost my external hard disk.

In a macroscopic view, I lost my 250Gb external hard disk, a working shirt with tie, water bottle, some education certificates, a set of casual shirt and pants.

To summarize, overall, I lost my bag...due to negligence.

Let's pray that good Samaritans able to find my bag and hand over to the campus security office.

Next, some updates on my career hunts.

After applied for 37 companies for 40+ different kinds of jobs (engineering, logistics, management trainee, sales & marketing, etc...) since last October, went for 6 campus walk-in interviews, being invited for a phone interview and 4 company interviews, finally...

...I am still hunting for jobs...sweat hor...when I meet with my friends, the first question would be: "Hey, working now lar?" or "Found a job already?" similar kind of questions. Yes, for current economic situation, it is quite hard to get a permanent job as the employers would become more picky and choose only the best among the best (IQ + EQ + skills + characteristics + ...). For me, I was quite fortunate that I have been invited for several phone or face-to-face interviews at their respective companies to present (or hard sell? lol) myself, but as I said, employers would choose the best among the best, and hence I kena rejected for several times. 

However, plenty companies chose to silent themselves and did not reply me whether I was been selected for further considerations or not. No email replies, no phone calls, most probably my application was in non-recycleable bin already. So, my life everyday was just waiting and waiting...and sourcing for job searches concurrently. This week I am working part time in NTU Annual Teaching & Learning Seminar for a week, at least can support part of my housing rental...and my meals (seminar ma, so got free breakfast, tea time, lunch meals).

Let's talk one happy stuff, also happened yesterday: I won Jolin Tsai's latest album "Butterfly" and a poster! Thanks Jurong Point! Perhaps this could be a good sign that bad lucks will be gone away, and good news coming on soon? Hopefully yes!

And Fireflyz is flying Ipoh - Singapore from July 09 onwards! From RM88 onwards inclusive tax & surcharge! Check for more details!


kanki said...

wah... y u always win album one...

goodluck to your jobhunting la! hope to see u work in TetraPak lol.

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

Thanks for your wish, hope I can go to Sweden more often,lol...
I where got always win album???