Wednesday, April 8, 2009

World's Best Low-Cost Airline wants you to become a Pilot!

Hope it's not too late for you guys to know it...

So, did you dream of becoming a pilot when you are small?

"Wah, it can fly worrr..."

How about now? Especially when you see pilots wearing smart uniforms in TV movies / series, bringing passengers safely from one place to another, and traveling around the world?

"i like pretty girls more, shhh, don't tell others..."

Don't have the skills? 
~ I don't have too!

Entrance test very difficicult and competitive? 
~ Yes for sure, it's a profession what! Fly hundreds of people leh, don't play play!

But I have the ambition to become a pilot! Can I?


You Can!


Just Write?

Write to who?

Write a BLOG!

Har? A B-L-O-G??!!??!! 

A Blog can make me to become a pilot? Are you serius?

Serius-er than serius! If I cheat you, means Air Asia is cheating both of us!

Then......hhow ah?

Air Asia is going to fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot and if you are one of the 10 individual bloggers chosen, then you are one step nearer to become a pilot! 

What a great achievement in your life if you become a pilot!
Your families, neighbours, uncles aunties will be proud of you!
"Can get free tickets wor..."
"Can travel to anywhere *envy*..."
"Pilot quite highly-paid wan..."
"ya lo, ya lo..."

Want to be a pilot? Send your blog entries to AirAsia between 1st Apr 09 (as I said, hope it's not too late for you to realise) and 15th May 09 and tell them why you are deserved to be one of the ten chosen ones to become the pilot. 

Term and regulations + contest information please click here.
Several great posts have been posted on the AirAsia blog space. Click here to read more.

So, If you become one of the pilots, do treat me for free flights! 

Now, who say you cannot be a pilot by just writing a blog?

Award-winning Skytrax's World's Best Low-Cost Airline


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