Saturday, December 13, 2008

Post Exam Makan - Chapter 2

Swensen's @ IMM
2 Dec 2008

Hohoho, Christmas is coming lor...
After going to CJ GLS Building opposite IMM to send Min Liang's handphone for service, together with KH, went to IMM for a walk and look for dinner. Eventually, we tried Lasagna Splendor offered by Swensen's.

Here's the ads from Swensen's website:

KH's Seafood Sensation Lasagna (S$15.90), covered with cheese and spinach sauce and topping with crunchy fried potato sticks...I thought it was ikan bilis (anchovies in English)! With this price, should put in more squids or prawns, but not those crabsticks from supermarkets.

My Chicken Carousel Lasagna (S$15.90), with toppings of fried Enoki mushrooms and tomato sauce.

Each Lasagna set meal comes with a Soup-of-the-day and a glass of soft drink. Two different dishes with different tastes and color textures. Yummy, but the portion of the meals might not sufficient for us to fill our stomach.

So, we moved on further to satisfy ourselves with ice-cream.
My Gold Rush (S$6.80), with my favourite chocolate and coffee ice cream with chocolate fudge and almonds. Absolutely a nice dessert to savour after meals.

KH's Banana Split (S$8.20), with scoops of Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream with slices of bananas, chocolate fudge and blueberry toppings (no pineapple toppings on that day).

Totally full after having this bowl of ice cream.

Being a first-timer to dine at Swensen's, I could say that (as a student) the price is at the higher side. A nice dining experience, good service, worth to try once a while, especially the ice-cream! Missed the ice-cream mooncake also!

Swensen's @ IMM
Tel: 65667554
10.30am-10.30pm (weekdays)
8am-10.30pm (weekends & PH)
More branches islandwide, Malaysia, Brunei and China


wyleong said...

Man you're really rich...

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

Where got? My first Swensen meal in my lifetime leh...