Saturday, December 6, 2008

Post Exam Makan - Chapter 1

Benten Cafe @ Jurong Point
27 Nov 2008

One weekend, while I was walking around JP to observe (keh po actually) any new shops to be opened / to be announced to open soon in JP, I noticed this new cafe at Level 3, directly above Billy Bombers at Level 2 - was fully-packed with customers. Upon curiosity, the day after finishing my final exam of this semester, CJ and I went to this cafe for dinner. As CJ had tried some Japanese food at restaurants in Shokutsu 10 at JP Basement 1, it would be good to compare the food price and quality of this cafe.

A Japanese restaurant, the layout size is not big though and we are given seats just beside the walkway. I joked that it will be a very high possibility to meet some friends who walked past through the cafe, and really...met Wantan & Kok Heng during the dinner. For those who can eat anywhere, it's fine; but for those who wants privacy and cosy dining experience, hemm this might not be a good place, as you might know, JP is packed with people all the time.

Benten offers variety of food of curry baked rice, teppanyaki speghetti, desserts, etc. This is what I ordered... (ahhh, didn't bring out my camera that time, so used my K700i camera to capture the food, ps ps)

Salmon Curry Baked Rice - S$10.80

A nice meal with cooked (not raw one hor) salmon slices, covered with cheese and Japanese curry gravy. CJ agreed that the curry is nice, not too spicy, not too bland and better then his...

Soba Teriyaki Chicken - S$11.80

He said his teriyaki is okay-ish, average. At S$11.80, it would be slightly pricey.
As he found that the dessert shown in the menu is quite tempting, he ordered...

Mini Strawberry Ice Cream - S$3.80
His verdict: A nice dessert and worth to eat!

Even though we sat at the sofa seats just beside the walkways, still we need to pay 10% service charge and 7% GST. Grrr......

Benten Cafe @ Jurong Point
Level 3, Jurong Point Shopping Centre (Old Wing)

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