Sunday, August 3, 2008

My hometown

Ipoh is a nice city where there are lotz of food and historical places available, but not as happening as in KL, Penang or Singapore where a lot of shoppings and activities available. Still, I like Ipoh's lifestyle as its pace is not as fast and busy as in KL or Singapore, more relaxing.

On my last balik kampung trip to Ipoh in June '08, 2 weeks to be exact, realized that many of friends were busing on their working attachments, or already working after graduation...time flies so fast, already 3 years in university. The time spending together with my secondary school friends seems getting shorter and shorter as everyone are getting busier and busier. Also, long time didn't go back to kampung, so 有种思乡,思家,思校的感觉。So, in these 2 weeks, I've spent quite some time with my family, my lama-tak-jumpa friends, my school & last but not least, food!

Let the photos tell the stories...

My home sweet home...

Visited Museum Darul Ridzuan. It was a rainy day and inside the museum, besides the guard-in-charge, onion, water gun and me were the only three visitors during that time! Yes, four people only! Haha, enjoyed the moment of taking photos all around the museum.

Went for mountain climbing at Kledang Mount. Kena teased by S.Hong and H.Fei for lack of stamina in climbing route 42. Paiseh-lah, already not going for mountain climbing more than two years d...

Crrraving for food with my family & friends...

Buntong village's bean sprout with chicken, which is nearer to my house and less crowded as compared to more famous Lou Wong and Onn Kee's. Why bean sprout with chicken is so famous in Ipoh? Quoted from, the bean sprouts cultured in Ipoh are short and more crunchy and the chicken meat is so smooth but not oily. According to some Ipoh folks, water in Ipoh is sourced from limestone mountains and hence rich in minerals that is suitable for bean sprouts' growth. In fact, Buntong village is the place where the bean sprouts are grown.

Buntong Bean Sprout with Chicken
Jalan Guntong,
Near Buntong wet market,
Buntong Village, Ipoh.
Opens only at night.

The ever-famous Lou Wong bean sprout with chicken, where I ate when friends from Penang, Melaka and Johor paid a visit at Ipoh. They said the bean sprout was juicy and they even ordered one more plate of it! Not much photos as I was busy in 吹水 'blowing water' (perhaps 'blowing chicken' or 'blowing bean sprout' instead?). The another famous Onn Kee is at the opposite of Lou Wong.

Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau
Jalan Yau Tet Shin
Ipoh New Town.
Opens from early evening till late night.


Gou Lou (Tall man) 高佬 Hakka mee, the place where sometimes my parents having breakfast before going for work. Dunno why the name of the stall is called as Gou Lou as I can't see any tall people around, but the food here is quite nice and reasonably priced. (RM10-15 for 3 person, depends how much yong tau fus that are ordered). There's also another famous Hakka Mee at a corner pre-war shop in Hugh Low Street, a.k.a. Jalan Sultan Iskandar, the first right corner just after the traffic light of new town Police Station, but didn't try it...nevermind, next time balik kampung baru makan!

Gou Lou Hakka Mee
Jalan Hussein (near Jalan Yang Kalsom, behind Chinese Methodist Church)
Very big portion of Ice Kacang at RM2.50 per bowl. Very suitable for those who likes Ice Kacang very much, but seldom have it. Can take it as lunch or dinner, perhaps, haha...

Emas food court
Taman Mas



You heard drive-thru McD, but have you heard drive-thru Tau Fu Fa (beancurd jelly) before? Open since 1952, this tau fu fa and soya bean stall is one of the famous food stalls in Ipoh town. Hundreds of people will either drive-thru, walk-thru or da bao (take away) their tau fu fa or soya bean everyday. A bowl of smooth tau fu fa costs less than RM1.

Funny Mountain Soya Bean
Near Lou Wong & Onn Kee Bean Sprout Chicken
49, Jalan Theatre,
Close at night.


Nam Chau curry mee, one of the famous curry mee available in Ipoh town (situated at Ipoh old town to be exact). This curry mee stall serves very nice dry curry noodle (RM3.50 per plate), where chicken meat slices and beehoon noodle are covered with rich, aromatic curry gravy. Finished all, even though at that time I just have my lunch at home 1/2 hour ago. Very nice, shall visit it again in my next trip back home.

Kedai Kopi Nam Chau
Jalan Bandar Timah
Ipoh Old Town
Coming down from Ipoh New Town via Jalan Sultan Iskandar,
after passing the Kinta River bridge, turn right before the traffic light.

Hilltop Cafe, or 山顶 as known by local Ipohians, is a nice eating place during night time. Opens 24-hours a day, it is also a place where many students will drop by to have lunch before heading for home or to tuition classes, as there are as much as 5 schools nearby! Opposite it is the Restoron Genting (if not wrong la), or 小云顶, but it closes at night.

Hilltop Cafe
Beside Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low St.)
Opposite Yuk Choy Primary School.
24 hours


Walk around Ipoh old town, my friend's charcoal shop and my later updates...


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