Friday, July 11, 2008

Makan @ Tiong Bahru

Seems that laziness is conquering my brain cells n my muscles till i have been lagging in writing blogs for around 2 months...2months liao! So, now...come back, come back! School is going to start soon, FOC la, FYP la, HRM la, etc., all going to start soon, so in the mean time, let's get my blog fast fast updated!

25th May 08 Tiong Bahru

The day before that, CJ ajak-ed me to go out with him to buy bus ticket back to Melaka, at Lavender. I was thinking: "Go out again a??" But after working for n-hours on my IA final report - still haven't finish it, I decided to go out to take a break...have a kit-kat? No la, go outside NTU walk walk la.

But...are we just going out just to buy ticket? Here comes another mission on that day: to find somemore food where we haven't try before. Heard before long long time ago that Tiong Bahru is famous on Ais Kacang, and as we are not so familiar with all places around Singapore, it's a good time for us to explore more (more food, hahaha)! I like Ais Kacang, like the peanuts / groundnuts, redbeans, gula kelapa...and I sure will order it at food courts or Medan Selera when back to Ipoh hometown, eg: First Garden food court and Ipoh Stadium Medan Selera.

Who's bicycle is it? Just parked at the road divider between the busy two-way road. An unique kind of bicycle parking style.

Found from (its info a bit outdated - 2007, but still serves as a good guidance to know good food around Singapore), there is a market and food centre in Tiong Bahru where there have lotz and lotz of good food located under one roof. Its name?...

...Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre! A bit lame right? I admit it.
It just a stone away from Tiong Bahru MRT Station, walking distance of 10+ minutes. Ask people around and you can reach there easily.

Shaped like a pentagon (that's what i felt), the ground floor of the centre is the market while for upper level is the food centre. Yupp, whole level is all about food with more than 60 stalls so do take your time to think of what you what you want to eat!

Judging from the long queues from some of the stalls, I think there must be some delicious and 老招牌 (famous for long long years) food from the stalls. But my first target of the day...Ais Kacang!

To my surprise, there are so many types of Ais Kacang available in this food centre, with the normal Ais Kacang (or ABC) at S$1.00 only! (subject to change, due to inflation) This is consider cheap in Singapore, as Jurong Point's Kopitiam sells ABC around S$1.70 / S$1.80. NTU's Canteen A sells it @ S$0.80, but much smaller portion la.

But coming so far from NTU, sure want to taste some special ones. Here got mango a.k., strawberry a.k., blueberry a.k., kiwi a.k., honeydew a.k., guava a.k. + other many kinds of desserts. Cost at S$2.00 per bowl, I bought...

Chocolate Peanuts Ais Kacang and Mango Ais Kacang, nice right? Both taste nice also! Just that similar as other a.k. in Singapore, lack of groundnuts that i like to munch with while sruuuping with the water and ice. But at least still have small peanuts, haha.

Both of us queued up for some more food...

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, with fresh prawns and veges being wrapped inside.

Lotz of people queuing for this Lor Mee. A bit different from Lor Mees eaten in the past as this stall puts deep fried SHARK nuggets into it! It's the first time ever I heard this! It is not only unique, but delicious too. Recommended!

Some more queues at these two Wanton Mee and Prawn Mee stalls... the Prawn Mee's is so long that CJ has to line up for half an hour to get a bowl of Prawn Mee.

As I'm a loyal fans of Wanton Mee since small, I pampered my stomach of a bowl of it. Quite Ok though overall, with nice wanton and noodles.

CJ's prawn mee comes with pork ribs in it, and its soup is really tasty! I think the stall taugeh already boiled the soup with enough (or a lot?) prawn heads, pork ribs & other ingredients for many many hours, 够火候. No wonder so many people queuing up for it.

By the way, is there any place in Singapore selling Penang-style prawn mee, which is spicier?

Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre,
84A Lim Liak Street, Singapore 161084
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru (EW17)

Planned to go to walk around Southern Ridge, but the dark clouds is growing bigger & bigger. Decided to walk around Tiong Bahru Plaza before going back NTU...

Saw something that caught our attentions while hanging around the plaza!

What's that?...

I think this McD outlet in Tiong Bahru Plaza is one of the few Singapore McD outlets which has big Chinese "麦当劳". But sorry, no pork available as in China and Hong Kong.

Any special on these pies sold as shown on the right which attracted us to walk towards them, buy them to get excuses to take photos on them, even though we are already full?

Haha, actually it's not the pies who attracted us, but the name of the shop (nearby the McD above) and the menus...

...What a innovative name to attract customers and lure them in...

-> PiE KiA <-

In Hokkien, Pie Kia (Pai Kia) means bad boy.
When you look at their menus, still got somemore Hokkien dialects...
Pie Seh (Paiseh) - means shy shy or a bit embarrassed or 不好意思;

Toa Pie Kia - Big bad boy;
Chin Cai - whatever la or 随便;
Pie Lim - Not good to drink; and
Sio Sio - Hot hot;

(Thanks JXyang for explaining these Hokkien phrases to me. Me, a Chinese Hokkien but beh hiao kong Hokkien, jin jia paiseh...)

Tounge twist twist a bit with:
One day, Pai Kia meets Toa Pai Kia in front of PiE KiA before going inside PiE KiA to buy Pies...lame hor?

The chicken pie that I bought serves as my dinner - after sleeping for 2-3 hours when I back to hall. Nice to eat, not bad.

If you want to learn some simple Hokkien language, perhaps you can visit this shop. There is another Pie Kia shop in Chua Chu Kang MRT station.

埋yuk, 举起双手,香港皇家警察 is here! (Freeze, hold up both hands, Hong Kong Police is here!)

Taken from Hobby Point (Level 5 I think, taken via lift beside Popoular Book Shop, selling figurines, gundam models, etc.)


water gun said...

Why you only post the food for Singapore? Don't forget you your origin, don't forget the place that you grown, don;t forget the friend that take the food with you.
If you really like singapore then just stay there and don't come back la...hahahhah

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

sure remember la, this is May one, slowly slowly, later i post june's one, include my internship, back to ipoh (more photos here, eg: ur shop, museum, lucky zai), kl trip... giv me some time la, haha.

water gun said...

fast fast la, now already July then you still not update the data for May. So slow, you are fire...

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

hehe, i kena fired by water gun...water gun got fire wan...becoming kerosine (火水)gun, hehehe

kanki said...

i was there in that tiong bahru McD one month ago!

well u put aeroplane, say bye bye to seremban delicacies lah!

大飞<--->Daifeijay said...

haha, wanna go to srb, but time not allows, FYP started d.

eh, ur 失败者的飞翔 EP, you wanna me to buy?