Saturday, May 31, 2008

Makan @ Toa Payoh

Yes, finally completed my IA report and this marks the almost end of the IA period in Sony. 22 weeks, 说长不长,说短不短,却留下永恒的回忆. Remembered back during my first week of IA, often thought that: wah, what a long IA, every day need to wake up early (from 6.30am initially to 7.18am currently, haha not so early right?), sometimes need to OT tim...

But frankly speaking I learnt a lot during this IA period: soldering (didn't pick up soldering tools since participated in Electronic society in secondary school, at least 6 years i think), wire crimping and heat-shrinking, circuit design, first time used the iron desoldering tool (i remembered i have said 好神奇哦 to my colleagues a few times, perhaps I'm a frog under the deep deep well?), tube labeling machine, various types of sockets, first time went to Batam (1-day working trip), enjoyed the moment of finding and playing with the components in various projects (school's lab sessions where got so lengthy time for you to do this stuffs?), knew how a company operates, got the feel of working under various deadlines and targets, etc... it was truly fruitful experience for me!

Ok yes, let's back to some sharing on my Toa Payoh food hunt few weeks ago, the day after Makan Sutra, with CJ n Kong Hooi. Having breakfast at Toa Payoh 127 Market & Food those food centres which have a bit of pasar+ old feel, where we can have the 'feel' to savor delicious meals, at a low price.

Long time did not eat 油条 or 油炸鬼, let's have it! plus ham jim beng and butterfly bun, all at 60cents per piece, considerably cheap in Singapore...i think. While waiting for my order, took some snapshots of how the 油炸鬼 and its siblings being 'born' from the kitchen behind the stall counter:

Random photos around the market

While waiting our stomach to digest the food before executing our main mission: lunch, we walked around Toa Payoh Hub.
Children curiously wondering why the image projected on the floor can move & won't get killed / injured / disappear after kicking / stepping it N times?

Saw these cassettes and tapes at Popular... can almost be considered as antiques, really really long time didn't use it since the appearance of cheap CD, VCD, DVD 10+ years ago as well as Internet connection and satellite / cable TVs.

Two unidentified persons playing martial arts at the lobby of HDB Hub.

Proceeded to our main destination today, Toa Payoh's (not Melaka) chicken rice ball. Aha, what's the difference? Jom, jalan jalan, cari makan.
The balls are located at the 长城美华美食中心 Chang Cheng Mee Wah Restaurant, at the HDB blocks just right opposite Braddell MRT. Quite a long queue during Sunday lunch time.

The rice balls, as compared to the Melaka's version, are in bigger size - just like comparing tennis ball and golf ball, can imagine? CJ said that the actual size of the rice balls in Melaka are in bigger size, now getting smaller - easy to swallow ba; or rice expensive ba. Overall, quite tasty though with affordable price: $10.20 for 2 person set. Ate too much that morning, 3 person ate 2 person set. Below shot is the chicken. And somemore ordered rojak to treat itchiness of our mouths and say-full-but-pretend-not-full stomachs.

Then, go back luu...我们就踏上归途, 依依不舍地离开大巴窑, 回ntu去了 (suddenly think of primary school essays with full of idioms 成语格言, hehe) :)

Toa Payoh 127 Market & Food Centre
Block 127, Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Singapore 310127
Nearest MRT: Braddell, Toa Payoh

Good Year Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls
长城美华美食中心 Chang Cheng Mee Wah Restaurant
Block 111, Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Singapore 310111
Nearest MRT: Braddell

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