Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Makan Sutra Pt. 2

Coming back, lets continue on my Makan Sutra's journey. After having breakfast, went to Upper Bukit Timah Road to taste Indian-style Curry Head at Karu's Indian Banana Leaf restaurant.

As the name suggests, we were welcomed with banana leaves...

yes, on the table, or else what do you think? We also being told that after having the meal, the leaf has to be fold towards ourselves, as folding outwards shows disrespect to the person...not a good sign, perhaps? Well, why this curry fish head here is being named as one of the best food savoured by the US ang-mos, as shown on the newspaper articles? She is our tour guide (paiseh lupa namanya), can intro and talk non-stop while in the bus, 佩服佩服。

Let's try and see how good it is...

Wohh, what a big fish head! The fish meat and the curry gravy is nice, but not as much herbs or curry ingredients added in as in Malaysia's style. Did not have time to taste other dishes, hope to visit this place in coming future. Overall, it was a nice meal, where I finished my rice! and get to know new friends also! Oh! eat so much rice! Did I reserve any space inside my stomach for some more makan hunts? No regret please, rice is v v expensive now, you have to be thankful that you still can eat rice plentifully...think about the people in rural poor areas, think about those who are homeless and helpless after Myammar's typhoon and SiChuan's earthquake disaster...may the victims overcome the reality bravely, determining to survive. Hopefully the Myammar's military government allows international aid to be reached to the survivors as soon as possible. 求神保佑。_/\_

Coming back to the food hunt. Next station: Zion riverside food centre

We were being told that this No.18 fried kway teow here is very famous. The kway teow is full with wok hei 锅气, and very generously came with lotz of cockles (si-ham) and pork lards 猪油榨, a lot of si-ham until couldn't finish, haha. Partly is because not very like si-ham, need to do operations on its to dig out its dark-colour 'organs' while eating it; some more a bit full d, sigh! Not bad though, recommended if you like wok hei & cockles a lot. Plus, rojak satu plate! Dunno why they didn't peel off the mango skin for the rojak, is it the way of eating it in the rojak? Instead of prawn crackers in my Ipoh hometown, they added yau char kuai 油炸鬼 (english any1 knows?) into it. Verdict? Good good...but prefer prawn crackers, as not becoming soft as fast as yau char kuai after covered with rojak sauce, haha, kok kok chui...:)

The 4hrs makan sutra hunt ended at Island Creamery, a Singapore-local brand famous with ice-cream with various not-so-normal-to-be-found favourites: Milo, cheesecake, nutella, horlicks, fresh banana, reverseO, etc....Ouhh, too much for me to choose from. Got myself nutella ice cream, while Siew Hong got himself cheese-cake ice-cream. Both are nice though! The cheese cake ice-cream really like cheese cake! Can they set up a branch in NTU? Customers can leave their memories here via printing out photos for free and pasting around the walls inside the shop! Quite a nice place to hang out with friends, but a bit packed as the shop is quite small.

Happy family! Why my car on the road?

Karu's Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant (Indian Food)
808 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6762 7284

Zion Road Riverside Food Centre
Zion Road, Singapore 160000
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru

Island Creamery (Ice Cream)
10 Jalan Serene
Serene Centre #01-01
Telephone: (65) 6468-8859

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